The case against DaBaby in the January 2021 gun case has been dismissed…

Dababy Off Of The Hook For January 2021 Gun Case After L.a. County District Attorney Rejects The Case Due To Lack Of Evidence

The case against DaBaby in the January 2021 gun case has been dismissed by the L.A. County District Attorney due to a lack of evidence.

Roommates, we reported last January that DaBaby was handcuffed by cops while out shopping on Rodeo Drive.

According to court documents, a security guard observed something in DaBaby’s waistline that looked like a gun while he and his squad were out shopping, prompting him to call the cops.

When the cops arrived, they searched DaBaby and his team’s van and discovered a handgun.

DaBaby was apprehended by authorities based on the security guard’s statements because no one else claimed the firearm.

According to TMZ, DaBaby is no longer charged in the case since the D.A. dismissed it owing to a lack of evidence.

“We’ve been 100 percent convinced in Mr. Kirk’s innocence since the day of this incident and are happy that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has made a similar judgment,” DaBaby’s attorney said of the case being dropped.

Despite the fact that the case has been withdrawn, DaBaby is still facing charges in connection with last month’s brawl with Brandon Bills, DaniLeigh’s brother.

They got into a physical argument in a bowling alley, as previously reported, and the incident was captured on film from multiple angles. The event was soon followed by reports that the LAPD was looking into it.

Despite DaBaby’s claims of self-defense, the bowling alley has barred him from bowling, and Brandon has sued for assault, battery, emotional distress, and negligence.”