DaBaby Discusses His Fight With Brandon Bills, The Lawsuit That Followed And…

Dababy Talks About Altercation With Brandon Bills, Related Lawsuit And Parenting Daughter With Danileigh

DaBaby Discusses His Fight With Brandon Bills, The Lawsuit That Followed And Parenting His Daughter With DaniLeigh.

DaBaby showed up at ‘The Breakfast Club’ lately with an open book attitude! The rapper talked about a variety of issues, including his controversial remarks during last year’s Rolling Loud performance.

In February, he and his crew had a physical incident with Brandon Bills, which he addressed. According to reports, the artist is still “frightened of that situation.”

“The issue got into [him] and not the other way around,” DaBaby stated when the conversation began. Brandon allegedly threatened him for seven months, making him “scared as hell.”

Where Does Beef Come From?

Brandon is the younger brother of DaniLeigh, with whom DaBaby shares an infant daughter. Following a series of heated discussions between the rapper and DaniLeigh on social media last November, Brandon began taking shots at DaBaby online, even threatening him. Name-calling was exchanged on both sides, resulting in police involvement and a simple assault complaint against DaniLeigh.

Brandon publicly supported his sister. He threatened DaBaby, urging him to “come catch this fade.” Brandon even recommended that he and his niece’s father have a pre-arranged brawl.

Brandon Bills vs. DaBaby & Crew

Months later, in February, viral video footage appears to show DaBaby striking Brandon for the first time at a bowling alley. Brandon slipped in the slick lanes, and DaBaby and a group of men who appeared to be members of his crew pounced on him. Dani’s brother was repeatedly slammed by his hair and head, as well as punched, shoved, and kicked.

Soon after, DaBaby was barred from the fight’s location. The event was investigated by the police. Brandon has also sued the rapper for “assault, battery, emotional anguish, and negligence.” He didn’t fight back, according to the document, but he suffered “physical and psychological trauma, as well as medical bills and sustained incapacity.” DaBaby addressed the case while on ‘The Breakfast Club.’

DaBaby Reacts To The Lawsuit

“I don’t know how the world works these days,” he admitted. “However, I’m still terrified of that situation.” I’d heard it was going to be difficult for me, so I’m not going to say anything about it. N***a could appear downstairs.”

He also stated that he stayed away from L.A. for a few months after Brandon publicly stated that DaBaby was not allowed to visit the city. The rapper then said, “Well, I sure hope I don’t have to run into him again,” in a light-hearted tone. DJ Envy and DaBaby both broke out laughing at this point.

With DaniLeigh on Parenting

The conversation then moved on to how Brandon’s altercation with DaniLeigh is affecting his parenting with DaniLeigh. Without going into detail, DaBaby stated that his family takes care of things.

“I’m not going to play with nothing attached to my kid, that’s not how we roll,” he explained. “We don’t rock like that on my side.” Not at all. Shawty might contact my mother right now, and my mother will do anything she can to help Shawty.”

He continued by implying that DaniLeigh’s family should have intervened to stop Brandon’s pre-altercation behavior.

“I’m not passing judgment on anybody,” DaBaby continued, “but it should’ve been intervened over there on that side.”

Brandon was allegedly spending quality time with his daughter while making threats online, according to DaBaby.