Malia Obama has been hired as a writer for Donald Glover’s upcoming…

Donald Glover Hires Malia Obama As A Writer For His Upcoming Amazon Series

Malia Obama has been hired as a writer for Donald Glover’s upcoming Amazon series

Donald Glover recently stated that Malia Obama has been hired as a writer for his forthcoming Amazon series! The show, which could be called “Hive,” is said to be about a “Beyonce-like person.”

At the season three premiere of “Atlanta,” Donald told Vanity Fair, “She’s just like an unbelievably talented person.” “She’s very dedicated, and she’s putting in a lot of effort.”

“I think she’s just someone who’s going to have a lot of nice things in the near future.” “Her writing style is fantastic,” the creator and star of “Atlanta” said.

Malia, who is twenty-three years old, is no stranger to the entertainment scene. For a few years, she’s been actively pursuing a job in Hollywood. Malia previously worked as a production assistant on Halle Berry’s “Extant” in 2014 and HBO’s “Girls” in 2015. In 2017, she even worked for the Weinstein Company.

Donald’s younger brother, “Atlanta” cowriter and executive producer Stephen Glover, is also in the writers’ room with Malia.

“Donald often believes that viewpoint is vital, and that a writing room needs people with varied perspectives. And, without a doubt, she has a distinct viewpoint on things, “Obama’s Stephen added. “As a result, we wanted to hear her story and collaborate with her.” We got a lot of good ideas from listening to her experiences and involving her. “

“Well, you know, we simply wounded her feelings,” Stephen laughed when asked how he might shoot down one of Obama’s offers.

We can’t go easy on her just because she’s the daughter of the [previous] president.”( “Nah, she’s extremely down to earth and cool,” he added. As a result, it isn’t a problem at all. She has a lot of great suggestions. She’s fantastic. She’s simply another average individual like the rest of us.