The Patriots are bringing back a classic NFL style from the past

The Delorean is taking the New England Patriots back to 1985, when the team wore their recognizable cherry red throwback uniforms.

The New England Patriots probably want to leave behind a lot of their history from before the year 2000, like the ongoing smear campaign against their name and the fact that they lost the Super Bowl in 1985 and 1996.

However, the Patriots would only go back in time for one thing: to get their hands on the traditional cherry red jerseys they wore in the past, before a 1993 makeover changed their jersey colors.

The Patriots stated that they had finally discovered a technique to turn the clock back to 1985. Fans’ favorite Patriots, Kendrick Bourne, Matthew Judon, and Matthew Slater, boarded the Delorean and exited decked out in the renowned throwback gear for the Patriots.

They didn’t forget about their helmets either; the “Flying Elvis” logo changed back to their previous “Pat Patriot” logo.

In an exciting throwback uniform reveal, the Patriots travel into the future

The uniform unveiling was more than just a rebranding of the jerseys for the Patriots; it also gave fans a chance to get to know some of the players who are now standing in as the franchise’s face in a new age.

The unbeatable gunner, Matthew Slater, the active Patriot with the longest stay, must be a part of any rebrand. Slater, 36, was actually born in the same year that “Back to the Future” made its theatrical debut. A young Matthew used to watch his dad, Jackie Slater, play football for the Los Angeles Rams back in the 1980s.

This season, when Gillette Stadium’s concessions honor him with a special hot dog recipe, Slater might think about buying another set of those throwback glasses. For now, though, the outfits are more than enough.

Since his debut in 2021, the vivacious Kendrick Bourne has been regarded as a cheery team representation. As he traveled through time aboard the Delorean, he displayed his acting prowess.

The new uniform perfectly matches the signature red sleeves of Matthew Judon, another 2021 addition from Bill Belichick’s legendary free agent class.

Even though the uniform reveal is humorous, it also conveys a significant message about the Patriots: even though they are a youthful team with many new players, they remain deeply rooted in New England’s long, illustrious past.