7-Eleven is releasing a high-end, limited-edition coffee scrub

7-eleven Launching High Quality Limited Edition Coffee Scrub

You know, 7-Eleven provides all you need when it comes to a snack, gas, or a Slurpee. The shop, on the other hand, is upping its game by adding cosmetic products to one of its most popular items.

You got it right if you said coffee! The brand is experimenting with skincare and is developing a coffee scrub, according to the Daily Mail.

According to reports, the scrub’s recipe contains the same aromatic Arabica and Robusta beans found in 7-Eleven coffee cups. The scrub is promoted as being made entirely of natural ingredients, cruelty-free, and vegan. Despite the fact that each 60g jar of the limited-edition scrub costs only $1, it offers good quality.

The Coffee Body Scrub, according to Adam Jacka, the Greater Melbourne Area’s head of Marketing Communications, is a fun and inventive approach to promote their coffee quality.

“We’re excited to be unveiling the 7-Eleven Coffee Body Scrub, 2022’s most unexpected arrival in beauty,” Alex remarked. He added that “we take great satisfaction in sourcing high-quality beans from all over the world to give wonderful coffee to customers every day.”

Scrubs, as many of you are aware, are excellent for exfoliating the skin. The scrub is made out of soothing oils and will remove dead skin, pollutants, and filth gently. The best thing is that your skin will feel smooth, soft, and nourished afterward.

Customers should apply a tiny amount to moist skin and massage in circular motions to exfoliate, according to the instructions. Rinse well before applying your regular body moisturizer.

The scrub will be available for purchase on the Adore Beauty website on Tuesday, March 22nd, and each buyer will be limited to one item.