Why Rae Williams of The Ultimatum Is “Staying Quiet” About Her Breakup…

Why Rae Williams of The Ultimatum Is “Staying Quiet” About Her Breakup With Zay Wilson

Is There Hope for Rae and Jake in Netflix’s The Ultimatum?

What happened between Rae Williams and Zay Wilson, exactly? Her cards are kept near her chest.

The couple met at the outset of The Ultimatum, married for a short time, and then divorced, leaving the Netflix reality program solo.

Rae appeared to be riding off into the sunset with co-star Jake Cunningham, as the two were given golden tickets to travel anywhere in the world together.

However, they confirmed that they did not use the tickets during their April 13 reunion.

“We came to the conclusion that everyone needed more time to heal,” Rae added. She went on to say, “I thought it was disrespectful to say anything like, ‘OK, bye!’ or ‘F—k you all, we’re just getting on a plane.'”

On the show, Rae stated that her original partner, Zay, was not “actively” holding her back. “I believe Jake and I both made a conscious decision to take a step back.”

After filming wrapped, the HBCU alum revealed that she and Zay decided to give it another shot.

During the reunion, Rae said, “Zay and I did try to resolve things.” And in the end, it didn’t work out, but we did give it a chance.

Zay, on the other hand, had a different narrative to tell her, telling her, “a cap You didn’t accompany me on the vacation because you were with me the entire time. “

He further stated, “At another point, he said, “Why are you f—king me if you’re so into Jake? Why are you f—king me on a daily basis? “He inquired. She answered by saying, “I wasn’t always f—king you. We did have a fling. “

Rae spoke out about what happened between her and Zay in a new TikTok video that showed the former pair together. She wrote, “You can lie about me.” I’m keeping my mouth shut out of respect for the love I once felt for you. I wish you nothing but the best. “

She also discussed Zay’s purported feelings regarding the golden sex box she shared with Jake. If we used the gold box’s contents, Zay would never stay.

Jake and I received it as a present. You act as if you know Zay so well that you should be aware of this, “she penned. Zay isn’t one to play with in that aspect, because we wouldn’t have been able to laugh it off the way we did on the show.”


Finally, she warned people against making assumptions about her ultimatum ties.

She explained, “It’s a show.” You don’t know who we are. You’re expressing your thoughts based on manipulated clips. I’m free to express my affection for someone I used to care about. “

She has spoken up more about her present relationship status and sexuality after publishing her TikTok video. Despite saying on the reunion episode that she dated a lady after filming, Rae revealed she is now single.

The girl I met after the performance is very private,” she wrote on Instagram on April 15, “and we’ve taken a step back the past few months with everything going on and the show coming out, but we’re still very close and want to revisit things after the summer.”

She also responded to a fan’s inquiry about Zay being aware of her attraction to women. Rae phrased it this way: “Zay was aware of this because I had previously dated a female. I also informed Jake before we made our decision. I was really concerned that neither Zay nor Jake were homophobic or bigoted. “

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