“Them Vocal Is Raw,” Cardi B said of her appearance in Summer Walker’s…

Cardi B Speaks On Her Feature In Summer Walker’s ‘no Love’ Remix: “them Vocal Is Raw”

“Them Vocal Is Raw,” Cardi B said of her appearance in Summer Walker’s “No Love” Remix

Summer Walker invited Cardi B to join her on her smash song “No Love,” which also features SZA. Summer’s original song is one of 18 on her album Still Over It, which will be released in 2021.

The expanded version, which was released on March 25, is already generating a lot of buzz online. And Cardi B’s appearance on the album has gotten a lot of notice.

Cardi B’s Voice

Rather than her customary rap flow and sharp lyrics, the singer chose to focus on her vocals. Cardi B addressed chatter about her vocals on the single more than 12 hours after the song and music video were released.

Cardi tweeted. “You’re a clown if you think you can out sing my vocals on the no love longer version,” she tweeted. I’ll pay any b***h that beats Bardi Barey, let me watch you do it. I’ll pay them a thousand dollars since their vocals are so raw!

Cardi jumped into the comment area after The Shade Room shared her tweet with some more thoughts.

“Ya ‘hating’ Bardi J. Blige? I JUST WANT TO BE EVERYTHING YOU NEED,” she wrote.

The four-and-a-half-minute video opens with Cardi and Summer sitting on a canopy bed over pink and purple clouds. Summer sings a little bit before Cardi takes over with her own vocals, softly spitting out her words.

Cardi sing-raps on the track, “Cause you been playin’, I’ve been loyal, no questions, boy.” I’ve had communications with n****s who want to be around (Ten toes Down)/I’ve been ten toes down (Ten toes Down)/I’ve been ten toes down (Ten toes down)/I’ve been ten toes down (Ten toes down)/I’ve been ten toes down (Ten toes down)/I’ve

Before the song’s debut, Cardi teased fans with a new sound.

Cardi stated in the description of the cover art she released to her Instagram profile, “Ommmmmggg I’m so happy and nervous.” I’ve never sounded like this before, but I really like it.

Accolades are pouring in

According to List Data, the longer song has 372,000 streams and is now at number 74 on the US Spotify chart. It’s also charted in the top ten on iTunes in the United States.

The remixed single’s music video has all three artists offering up sensual, sensuous, and empowered vibes. On YouTube US, it has alternated between #1 and #2.

Cardi and Summer squabbled on Instagram Live before the extended song’s release. When Cardi was given the opportunity to join, she was nervous.

Cardi explained, “I was like trapped, I was like sh*t, I don’t know what the f**k to do.” “Because this is one of my all-time favorites… It’s a fantastic tune…

“Oh my goodness, I’m afraid,” I say, “since this is one of the best tunes and everyone loves it.” And it’s like I don’t want to get on it because I’m afraid people won’t like it, but I believe I did okay.”

Later in the show, Summer complimented Cardi on how easy she was to work with.

Summer said Cardi, “I also want to thank you for just being humble as f**k and being hella sweet and not making sh*t tough.” “I’m not being nasty or arrogant in any way. You were really down to earth, which I greatly appreciate.”