“Just give me one more at least,” Russell Wilson asks Ciara for more children

Russell Wilson Asks Ciara For More Babies: “just Give Me One More At Least”

Ciara was a guest presenter on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Thursday, and she was accompanied by her husband Russell Wilson.

Ciara began to smile from ear to ear as she handed her a lovely arrangement of flowers and revealed that he makes her really uneasy.

“Do you guys want me to make her more nervous?” Russell questioned the audience. He got down on one knee and requested the singer for more children.

“I have a question for you,” the Seahawks quarterback stated. This is a serious question. Is it possible for us to have additional children?”

“I mean, it would be wonderful,” Russell said as Ciara blushed and laughed. “At the very least, give me one more.”

“We definitely can,” Ciara said, clearly drooling over her hubby. “But we’ve got a little time before we get there.”

Ciara stated, “I’m a daddy’s girl,” and “one of the sexiest things” about Russell is seeing him in “daddy mode.”

The two lovebirds went on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week to promote their children’s book, “Why Not Me?” They also discussed healthy eating habits, exercise, and healthy competitiveness with one another during the talk.

Russell claimed he spent $1 million on his body to stay in shape while declaring he planned to play in the NFL for another 12 years until he’s 45.

Jimmy Kimmel inquired if he paid a lot of money to keep in shape. “Yeah, it’s a process,” the quarterback answered. It’s a way of life. When you’re attempting to play for as long as I’m trying to play, I believe you’ll find it difficult. I want to keep playing till I’m 45.”

“Yeah, for me, the mentality, the concentrate level, everything you have to do has to be surrounded by that,” he concluded. “It’s been a fantastic experience for me so far,” he continued.

“No!” Ciara said when asked if she was annoyed by it. “I’m right there with him.”