When accepting the award for best lead actor in a limited series, Michael Keaton…

When accepting the award for best lead actor in a limited series, Michael Keaton made headlines by dropping the f-bomb

Michael Keaton passionately told his devoted fans, “I f-king love you,” as he accepted the award for Best Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series for his role in Hulu’s Dopesick. This statement was removed from his acceptance speech.

Michael Keaton was the first actor to receive an award. He played a doctor in an eight-part drama about the opiate epidemic that focused on Purdue Pharma, the company that developed OxyContin.

In the beginning of his remarks, the 71-year-old actor recalled acting out TV scenes for his family.
He considered how his family would be watching him from outside.


Michael Keaton

They are not disparaging now, as they have never been. They have never failed to offer support. No one of them has ever despised it. I was never made fun of by anyone there. In fact, they asked me to act out scenarios for them rather frequently.

He continued to thank my extended family for never making me feel foolish despite the fact that I had repeatedly done the same thing.

The Beetlejuice told the critics, “We’ve all been through a lot of unpleasant things throughout the years. There have been some raised doubters.

My credentials have been questioned by numerous people. So, what do you think? We’re not rude people at all. I also have true believers all these years to rely on when times were difficult.

Oh my god, I love you.
Dopesick, Keaton’s first TV character, touched close to home.

As he had already related, his nephew Michael passed away in 2016 as a result of an unintentional heroin and fentanyl addiction.

Additionally, Oscar Isaac (Scenes from a Marriage), Andrew Garfield (Under the Banner of Heaven), Himesh Patel (Station Eleven), and Sebastian Stan (The Staircase) received nominations (Pam and Tommy).

Keaton had already won a SAG award for the same role, but he had to leave the room before he could give his acceptance speech.