Joaquin Phoenix’s salary as The Joker increased from $4.5 million to $20 million

Joaquin Phoenix, who received an honorary Oscar for playing Arthur Fleck in the first Joker film, will get four times as much money from the second installment.

Todd Phillips will receive $20,000 for reprising the well-known role in the most recent film in the franchise. Phoenix’s income increased as a result compared to the first movie, where he earned $4.5 million, by more than 400%.

Joaquin Phoenix leaves the interview for the role of the Joker after being asked this question.

Lady Gaga joined the project, and it is claimed that she will play Harley Quinn’s crazy lover and closest friend, even if the narrative details of the next movie are still mostly unclear.

Given Gaga’s musical ability, the network is discussing the potential for “Joker: Madness for Two” to develop into a full-fledged musical. As of now, nothing has been formally confirmed by DC Films or Warner Bros. Pictures, so fans of the first film should keep a watch out for news.

Officials from the studio concede that some artists have raised their rates in response to the compensation at Netflix, Apple, and other businesses of a comparable caliber.

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For example, Johnson asked for and was granted $22.5 million to play the title role in the DC superhero movie “Black Adam.”

In addition, he will receive millions more for making the film and more money for promoting it on social media through his contacts.

But there are limitations on those extravagant rewards. In other contracts, Apple has included clauses that connect payment to movies being finished on time and on budget.

Furthermore, every streamer is essentially covering the performers’ backend costs. That eliminates the possibility that their movies won’t generate enough revenue to cover their costs, thereby robbing them of all those bonuses.

However, their potential earnings would be constrained if something like “Killers of the Flower Moon” became a worldwide sensation.

Successful celebrities gain advantages in other areas as well. Jason Momoa has the option to return for “Aquaman 2” as part of his initial deal.