Woody Harrelson spotted a baby who resembled him, and his reaction…

Woody Harrelson spotted a baby who resembled him, and his reaction has gone viral

Sometimes, celebrities’ responses to things they read online are the kindest. Many celebrities are mentioned in numerous online posts, but due to the volume, they frequently fail to respond.

However, when celebs do respond, it’s usually in a really wholesome way. An image of a baby got the best reaction from Woody Harrelson, a really kind celebrity.

A mother named Dani Grier Mulvenna tweeted a photo collage of her infant and Woody Harrelson with the message, “Why do my daughter and Woody seem so alike?”

Both were seen in the photograph with their lips open, and the infant resembled a young Woody. Millions of readers wrote positive comments on the piece once it became popular.

Woody Harrelson’s response to the image was priceless. In a little poem for the infant, Cora, he wrote, “You’re a gorgeous child/Flated to be compared/You have a wonderful smile/I simply wish I had your hair,” he wrote in a little poem for her. Fans found the poetry to be humorous, and they all admired Woody’s kind response to the youngster.

Dani’s mother, who shared the picture in the first place, was astonished to hear from Woody. She thanked him in public nevertheless, since she was flattered that he would take her little jest seriously.

She added that his short poem had brightened their day. She continued by saying that she would make sure to share this with her daughter when she was older because of how moral it was.

She also shared Woody’s poem on her profile because the fan was so ecstatic. She was happy that he had noticed her message and was shocked that he had shown her any attention at all.

She also provided her fans with an update, letting them know that Cora was grateful for everyone’s support.

She jokingly remarked that even though Cora didn’t typically resemble Woody Harrelson, she did when she did. Fans of Woody Harrelson expressed their admiration for the entire exchange and delighted in seeing their favorite actor show consideration for another admirer.