Naomi Campbell appeared in a Boss commercial with Kendall Jenner. .

After relaunching earlier this year, Boss has now introduced a new campaign that asks its devoted followers to don its iconic jackets, understated color scheme, and, as of recently, a creative approach to athletics.

Campbell shines like the Boss in a series of pictures that portray a lady moving, thinking back on her past but without being constrained by it, always moving on to the next thing.

Just a few years ago, Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell got into a social media argument. The representative for the Kardashian-Jenner family then made some really unpleasant comments about the models who appear in so many shows every year.

Black Panther chastised the young woman for making hostile remarks. There were claims that the 52-year-old supermodel’s 26-year-old coworker was exceedingly arrogant.

The fact that they were seen together on the same set suggests that the performers were still able to interact.

The network now has a new video of the newest fall/winter ad campaign with Naomi and Kendall, the Boss brand spokespeople.

In the photos, Campbell is pictured posing while donning nothing but a huge ivory cloak. The top model also donned a classic black suit with a pointed collar.

The celebrity donned a light pair of pants, a lovely winter coat, a pullover sweater, and a cut-down jacket. Even Kendall’s simple wardrobe is notable. The model took a special friend along with her for the photo shoot as well: her go-to Doberman.

The promotion was designed using beige, black, and white—Boss’s traditional color scheme.

The German label, which decided against experimenting with new styles for the upcoming season, once again displayed the masterpieces to the audience, seemingly suggesting to customers that items like double-breasted coats, quilted jackets, and trouser suits will never go out of style and should be included in every fashionista’s wardrobe.