Naomi Campbell, a model, went to the University of the Arts London (UCA)…

Naomi Campbell, a model, went to the University of the Arts London (UCA) and got her Ph.D

At the university’s graduation ceremony for students and undergraduates held in London’s Royal Festival Hall, Naomi Campbell took the podium.

The prize, which served as a recognition of the model’s commitment to the work of the international fashion business, was welcomed by the model with great passion.

“Being present here now is a privilege. I just reflect on the fact that I was walking the Balenciaga runway yesterday at this time, “from the stage,” she said.

Campbell wore the customary cap and gown for the ceremony, but once it was over, she posed for a selfie with UCA President Bashir Mahu and flashed a Burberry suit.

Her mother, Valerie Morris, who also wore Burberry, joined her at Campbell. Morris chose a bright orange silk outfit with a waist tie and a monogram. She wore it with black pumps and a Lola purse.

As mentioned in a recent post, Pippa Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, is ready to present her research at a general conference as she prepares to graduate with honors from Trinity Saint David University of Wales. explains it in the Daily Mail.

I struggled to adjust to studying, but the university staff provided me with genuine help. The course was broken up into separate modules, which made it easier to understand what was expected each semester.

I liked that I was able to juggle work and motherhood while also starting to read, write, and study again, “said Kate Middleton, the sister.

Pippa Middleton received training in physical literacy, sports, and education programs. She researched the best ways for parents of small children to build physiques that will serve them well in the future. This was the focus of her research at the conclusion of her studies.

The excellent student “was able to add unique data to the study as a parent and scientist,” the institution stated in a statement. The university also took note of her strong work ethic, which was motivated by her personal experiences.