According to Ryan Gosling, his two daughters were one of the reasons…

According to Ryan Gosling, his two daughters were one of the reasons he agreed to participate in The Gray Man and Barbie

Ryan Gosling, 48, has been blissfully dating Eva Mendes for a long time. He is also cast significantly less frequently than his admirers would want, despite the fact that he still frequently has reasonably noteworthy movies in his filmography.

Many of the actor’s followers have observed that Ryan seems to have decided to prioritize his family and only accepts the most interesting roles since the birth of his children.

Gosling admitted that he prioritizes being a father over all other responsibilities. In an interview with Heat magazine, the actor was forthright about the fact that he decided to be in The Gray Man because it would provide him with the opportunity to travel the world with his children and introduce them to a variety of new locales.

The fact that we went to France and visited the Louvre was entertaining. But if I had questioned the ladies now, they would have said, “The fruit tray in the hotel.” He confessed that he adopted the Ken persona in order to share his work with his daughters.

It’s not just about girls, of course. They are finally beginning to understand what I’m doing, though. However, given that no one else is interested in playing them, they are rather confused as to why I am filming the part of Ken. Because of that, I want to tell you his tale, “Ryan stated.

On a recent episode of Good Morning America, The Notebook star talked about a funny occurrence that happened while she was filming The Gray Man.

The entire sequence depends on me being shackled to this bench, he reflected on a specific instance and said. There were a lot of explosions going on, and I was with Eva and the kids in a hotel where they were near by.

Eva wondered how long the explosions would last because the girls were in a piano Zoom class when I got a call in the middle of a scenario.