In IRL and in the Metaverse, join the Official Vodka of Coachella in Absolut…

In IRL and in the Metaverse, join the Official Vodka of Coachella in Absolut.Land during the Festival

Coachella’s hottest party isn’t taking place in the desert — it’s taking place in the metaverse.

Absolut is celebrating its tenth year as Coachella’s Official Vodka by bringing Coachella fans from all over the world to Absolut.

Land, a one-of-a-kind engagement that transfers all of Coachella’s on-site enjoyment to the digital realm. And we’re going to explain what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind experience.

Absolut.Land is a mix of art, fashion, music, and, of course, cocktails that aims to bring people together in person as well as online.

It’s a place where festival goers on the ground and festival lovers from all across the country can meet and bond over their shared love of festival culture via virtual drinks, experiences, and more.

Absolut will also have a tangible tent that is identical to the one found in Absolut.Land, bringing the physical and digital worlds together.

This must-see virtual experience in Decentraland has three levels and more than ten interactive pieces that are based on the brand’s goods, history, and passion points.

  • There’s The Anti-Gravity Dance Floor, which allows guests to “flow” from floor to floor in the grandest way possible.
  • The Absolut Bar, which is the heart of the land, acts as the central hub with all the information you need to know and is home to the resident bartender. Festival goers at Coachella have a chance to take over the bartender avatar through an interactive kiosk at the physical tent. They can mix virtual cocktails, chat with other avatars and even gift NFT wearables.
  • The Citron Media Room, which was inspired by Absolut’s Citrus portfolio, is a space for fans to mix and get access to exclusive content.
  • The Garden is an open air space where people can find collectibles that spotlight ingredients for signature cocktails, as well as hidden portals to other experiences.
  • The Museum Gallery pays tribute to Absolut’s history of iconic art.
  • The Selfie Room features a colorful backdrop inspired by Absolut’s “Born to Mix” campaign and gives fans a chance to capture and share their experience in Absolut.Land. There’s also a chance to win the ultimate Coachella NFT collectible.
  • The PRIDE Tunnel is an “all-out rave” paying homage to Absolut’s involvement within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The Rainbow Rave is an all-out dance party powered by PRIDE that features a disco-inspired dance floor. Fans have the opportunity to share their dance moves on social and gain access to exclusive Absolut.Land pride wearables.
  • The Outlook gives users the the best view of Absolut.Land.

People who go to these events can find out about surprise events, virtual drink recipe cards, product deals and more. They can also make their own avatars, wear unique metaverse clothes, and more.

Absolut is teaming up with Swedish House Mafia to commemorate their return to Coachella after ten years as the official vodka of the festival.

A bespoke jukebox within the virtual world will play songs from the supergroup’s new album, Paradise Again. Not only that, but fans in the metaverse can order a virtual drink inspired by the record and have it delivered to their homes.

There are so many exciting things to discover that the options seem limitless. So don’t miss out on the metaverse’s largest celebration by visiting Absolut.Land right now.

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