Vicente Fernández Jr. took a break from acting for a few years while getting…

Vicente Fernández Jr Took A Few Years Off With Cosmetic Touch-ups On His Face

Vicente Fernández Jr. took a break from acting for a few years while getting cosmetic work done on his face

Vicente Fernández Jr., a Mexican regional music artist, visits the hospital on occasion for treatment to make him look younger.

Vicente Fernández Jr., a singer, was recently observed on social media applying some cosmetic touch-ups to his face to make him look younger. The Mexican was then taken to a hospital and given several Botox injections.

Mariana Gonzalez Padilla, her emotional partner, was in charge of shooting and capturing the moment he was being treated. They were also likely to value the fact that the operation was non-invasive and completed quickly.

Padilla’s videos show the singer concentrating on the bones of her cheeks and forehead. As a result, the doctor who was in charge of the surgery said that the surgery was only for a short time and that the goal was to restore his facial rigidity and get rid of his expression lines.

Later, the businesswoman revealed on social media that she had received treatment to maintain her thin body. She also stated that this is due to the routines she is putting in place to enjoy Holy Week.

Both conclusions were shared on social media in less than 24 hours of posting. Users on different platforms, on the other hand, took screenshots of these events and slammed them very hard.

Many people thought he was “stupid,” believing he was too old to do the aesthetic operation that makes people look young all the time.

This isn’t the first time a Mexican singer has used this treatment; anytime he feels it’s necessary, he goes to the hospital to have Botox injected into him by a specialist, and no additional signs of age show.