Tyrann Mathieu’s deleted tweet suggests the Eagles are in the free-agent market

Tyrann Mathieu deleted a tweet that suggested he was in talks with the Philadelphia Eagles.

While it is unknown which new NFL team former Kansas City Chiefs standout safety Tyrann Mathieu will play for this offseason, he is expected to join the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mathieu responded to a tweet implying that the reason he has yet to sign with the Birds in free agency is due to Kyle Hamilton’s declining draft stock.

The former Notre Dame star defensive back could fall out of the top ten and into the teens, right where the Eagles are looking to draft. Hamilton has a lot of potential and would be playing on a much cheaper contract than Mathieu.

Here’s Mathieu’s response to the aforementioned tweet: “Lol yeah ok.”

Tyrann Mathieu deletes a tweet implying that the Philadelphia Eagles are for sale.

With Justin Reid joining the Chiefs, Mathieu’s return to Kansas City appears unlikely. Add in the signings of former Eagles safety Rodney McLeod and former NFL

Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore to the Indianapolis Colts’ secondary, and Mathieu isn’t going anywhere. While the New Orleans Saints are a possibility, so are the Philadelphia Eagles.

If Hamilton were to fall all the way to Philadelphia picking at No. 15, that would be incredible. It would be even more so if the Eagles passed on him then and were still able to get him with their second first-round pick at No. 18.

Simply put, the Eagles may have interest in drafting Hamilton, but they cannot bank on him falling to them either. This is why Mathieu is an option in free agency.

Overall, the Eagles would be a terrific landing spot for Mathieu. They overachieved a year ago to be a playoff team. He would be replacing McLeod in the secondary.

Factor in Jonathan Gannon being very much an on-the-rise defensive coordinator in the league and there is a lot to like about Philadelphia for someone like Mathieu. However, he and Hamilton are mutually exclusive entities.

No matter what happens, a lot will be made of Mathieu deleting his tweet about the Eagles’ plans.