With Harry Styles, Arlo Parks, and Other New Music Musts, The Mixtape!

With Harry Styles, Arlo Parks, and Other New Music Musts, The Mixtape! Presents the 2022 Coachella Playlist

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For any music fan, new music Fridays are both exciting and terrifying.

It’s practically a weekly holiday when fans’ favorite artists and newcomers alike release their latest works for all to hear, flooding streaming platforms and digital retailers with an outpouring of sonic delights (and, let’s be honest, a few duds, too). Who, on the other hand, has the time to sit and listen to everything before changing their playlists?

We do, as it turns out. Welcome to a special episode of the Mixtape! showcasing new music from some of Coachella’s top performers for 2022.

The wait is finally over, music fans: Coachella is here!

Starting on April 15, thousands of music fans from all over the world will be driving down to the desert in Indio, California, to see some of the world’s best and brightest performers. This is after a two-year break because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

While there have been some setbacks along the way, such as Kanye West stepping out less than two weeks before Coachella’s first weekend, the event still has a strong schedule, with artists like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and The Weeknd performing across various stages over both weekends.

We here at MixtapE! have carefully produced a playlist containing 10 outstanding musicians from this year’s lineup that you won’t want to miss out on to celebrate Coachella’s spectacular return.

Harry Styles — “As It Was”

It’s not the same as before; in fact, it’s better. With “As It Was,” Harry has given fans a taste of what’s to come ahead of the release of his third album, Harry’s House, in May.

The song entices listeners with dreamy ’80s synths, melodic vocals, and chimes, only to break their hearts with devastating lyrics about the bittersweet realization that things that were once beautiful are no longer “the same as they were.”

To show how great Harry is at rock and roll, “As It Was” is honest and refreshing, as well as unafraid to show his flaws without being ashamed of them.

Arlo Parks — “Softly”

Don’t whisper about Arlo Parks’ incredible talent; shout it from the rooftops! Her current track, “Softly,” is no exception. The indie singer-songwriter from London effortlessly blends slow-grooving hip-hop sounds with poignant lyrics that will easily penetrate your heart. It’s a lovely, sad single that you’ll want to stew in for a long time.

Orville Peck — “Daytona Sand”

Orville Peck’s “Daytona Sand” is a gritty, high-octane love ballad that will absolutely knock your cowboy boots off right out of the gate.

The masked singer creates a tale of lost love with jangling guitars and an ever-present kickdrum heartbeat that flawlessly blends ’70s surfer sounds with country elegance.

Not only is “Daytona Sand” a spectacular showcase of Peck’s vocal abilities, but the song’s infectious lyrics will have fans joyously writing out “Mississippi” with the star after just one listen.

Billie Eilish — “Male Fantasy”

Billie Eilish is at her best in “Male Fantasy.” The 20-year-old musical sensation stuns with her characteristic breathy, whisper-thin voice and lyrics that create a raw representation of heartache, backed by minimal instrumentation.

She sings, “I can’t get over you, no matter what I do.” I know I should, but I’ll never be able to despise you.

Epik High — “Gray So Gray”

It’s impossible to distill Epik High’s tremendous history into a few phrases. Since the release of their first single in 2001, the powerful Korean hip-hop group has been inspiring fans with their excellent music.

The gentle, thoughtful “Gray So Gray” is taken from the group’s current album, Epik High Is Here (Part 2), and is available now.

The song, which features solo artist Younha, is about striking a fine balance between attempting to be a nice person in a world that has turned you harsh.

Måneskin — “MAMMA MIA”

It’s Mneskin’s universe, and we’re only passing through.

The Italian rock band has conquered the airways with their interpretation of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ “Beggin,” but it’s their current track, “MAMMA MIA,” that truly takes the cake.

The song is a true rock and roll romp, brazen, shameless, and immensely infectious.

Maggie Rogers — “That’s Where I Am”

Whichever Coachella stage Maggie Rogers is performing on, that’s where I’ll be.

The snappy folk-pop singer is a virtuoso at painting fascinating stories of lost connections and ephemeral, almost romances that stay with you long after they’ve ended. So crank up the volume and join in the fun!

The Weeknd — “Out Of Time”

The Weeknd is a well-known musician who needs no introduction. The soulful singer is back with what he does best: smooth, falsetto-filled R&B tracks that sound intended for the midnight hour.

He kicked out 2022 on the right foot with the publication of his dazzlingly dark fifth album, Dawn FM. His current track, “Out Of Time,” is already a classic in my book, combining lyrics that mourn for an almost lover with a grooving, soothing flute.

Conan Gray — “Memories”

Conan Gray is the future. The solo artist, who is currently on tour with his pal Olivia Rodrigo, is transporting listeners back in time to the emotional agony of their very first break-up with this latest single, “Memories.”

The slow-rock anthem’s lyrics are so grounded and relatable that it’s impossible not to identify and sympathize with the star’s version of events, especially when he sings, “I can’t be your friend/can’t be your lover/can’t be the reason we hold back each other from falling in love.”

Beabadoobee — “Talk”

Beabadoobee must be discussed. Beatrice Laus, the soloist’s real name, is the queen of dreamy, alternative rock.

“Talk,” her shoegaze-inspired new song, is a bolt of electricity from start to finish, with great hooks, clever lyrics, and a fantastic guitar solo that will have you clicking replay immediately after it ends.