In the “Late Night Talking” video, Harry Styles shows how he enjoys life…

In the “Late Night Talking” video, Harry Styles shows how he enjoys life despite never leaving bed

Harry Styles, who is still at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, decided in his new video for “Late Night Talking” that it was time for a well-earned snooze.

The footage, which was made public on Wednesday (July 13), shows Harry, 28, waking up to find himself by himself in bed. But that doesn’t last for very long. Harry ends up in one bed after another after falling beneath the covers, as if into a bed realm.

A quiet orgy scene with numerous participants of all genders and probably identities is present. A tour of an art gallery is included, with Harry’s bed serving as the centerpiece. While in bed, Harry savors a spaghetti meal. He lies in bed and watches the opera.

Even while in bed, he operates a vehicle on English streets. Harry gets lifted into the air when a sudden storm threatens to ruin his plans before the entire movie turns into a version of the clichéd “…in bed” game you play with Fortune cookies. Even as he falls back to earth, Harry chooses to go with the flow and get some rest.

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Harry cries over love in “Late Night Talking,” the second song off his third solo album, Harry’s House. He sings, according to Genius, “Things haven’t been exactly the same.”

When things don’t go according to plan and you stub your toe or damage your camera, I’ll do everything in my power to help you through. “There’s a haze on the horizon, darling.”

It’s only been a couple of days, and I miss you. Mmm, yeah. Harry sings in the chorus, “We’ve been doin’ all this late-night talkin’/’Bout anything you want until the morning/Now that you’re in my life/I can’t get you off my mind.”

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Fans must now wait and see if “Late Night Talking” can match “As It Was,” the first song from Harry’s House, in terms of popularity. “As It Was.” at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the ninth week in a row, is “As It Was.”

It rose to the top of the charts for the first time the week of April 16 and never left that spot. Even though Future (“Wait For U”), Jack Harlow (“First Class”), and Drake (“Jimmy Cooks”) all spent time at the top of the charts, Harry’s head eventually reclaimed the title.

Harry is currently on the road with his Love On Tour to promote Harry’s House, which is out now on Erskine Records/Columbia Records and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.