Tyga and Rob Kardashian retaliate against Blac Chyna’s claims that they…


Tyga and Rob Kardashian retaliate against Blac Chyna’s claims that they don’t pay child support

Blac Chyna, Tyga, and Rob Kardashian seemingly out of nowhere set the Internet on fire with a drama-filled social media conversation about their parenting issues—and after Tyga and Rob clapped back at her, she fell silent… until now.

While many fans expected a heated, lengthy reaction from Blac Chyna, she delivered the exact opposite by making it (very) brief and sweet.

Blac Chyna Responds To Tyga And Rob Kardashian After They Clapback At Her Claims They Don’t Pay Child Support


Blac Chyna didn’t immediately comment after Tyga and Rob Kardashian both denied paying her any child support for her two children, King and Dream—but she has now, and it appears she finds their denial assuming.

In response to Tyga, she just typed “LOL.” Her followers were left a lot more confused than they were when the drama first began.

As previously reported, Blac Chyna turned to Twitter to discuss the difficulties of being a single mother without child support. I had to give up three of my automobiles yesterday for my reasons: morals, beliefs, being a single mother, no support, I’m a MAMA, she tweeted. “I’m a single woman with no child support,” she added.

Rob Kardashian rushed into The Shade Room to clear up some confusion concerning Blac Chyna. “I spend 37K a year on my daughter’s school,” he wrote.

I am in charge of all medical expenses. All of her extracurricular activities are paid for by me. My daughter is with me from Tuesday to Saturday. “Why would I pay child support?” you might wonder.

Tyga chimed in just before Rob’s remarks to counter Blac Chyna’s assertions. She wrote, “I spend $40,000 a year on my son’s education, and he stays with me Monday through Saturday.” “I’m not sure why I’d pay child support.”