Mr. Timothée Chalamet Leonardo DiCaprio provided some words of wisdom

Timothée Chalamet admits that Leonardo DiCaprio, his co-star in the Netflix film Don’t Look Up, gave him some advise on how to go with his career.

Every young actor dreams of having their idols as their mentors, even if only for a brief while. Actually, the advice was limited to two things to avoid in the sector. One of these will be accepted by most people, while the other is a little debatable.

In an interview with Vogue UK, Chalamet disclosed that Leonardo had advised him to avoid using dangerous substances and portraying superheroes in movies.

Speaking on the counsel Leonardo provided him, Chalamet added, “No hard drugs and no superhero movies.”

The first piece of the advise makes perfect sense because hard drugs have tragically claimed the lives of many great young minds in Hollywood.

Timothée Chalamet is a phenomenal young talent, and fans would hate to see him wasted in that way. But other folks might find the second piece of advise helpful.

Leonardo is one of Hollywood’s most renowned actors, and despite his fame and respect, he has never appeared in a film that is part of the popular culture, such as a super hero movie.

This is in spite of the fact that he was often given parts in superhero films, such as the part of Robin in director Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and the part of Spider-Man in filmmaker Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, which finally went to Tobey Maguire, one of Leo’s closest friends.

Leo has stated that the roles in those films are simply too simple for him to consider. However, he recently discussed it and said that since the superhero genre is getting better, he won’t rule out the possibility of it ever happening.

“Nothing is certain. Complex characters in these films are getting better and better. I still haven’t. But no, I don’t rule anything out,” DiCaprio stated in a Shortlist interview.