Ethan Hawke Remembers When He Lost His Moulin Rouge Role!

Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor are both extremely popular and well-liked performers in the movie business.

As Ewan McGregor is a famous figure among Star Wars fans and Ethan Hawke recently made his debut in Marvel’s Moon Knight, delivering a performance that was praised by all, they have made their mark in both the more serious side of the profession as well as the pop culture pictures.

Now that the two actors are working together on the movie Raymond and Ray, Ethan Hawke recalled that at one point in their respective careers, they had competed against one another for a certain role.

Both of the performers tried out for the romantic musical Moulin Rouge! in 2001. It was written and directed by Baz Luhrmann, who also helmed The Great Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet, and the 2022 movie Elvis about Elvis Presley.

Ethan claims that when he competed against Ewan for the lead role in that movie, he had one of the best auditions of his life.

However, despite his best efforts, he was not granted the job; it ultimately went to Ewan. Ethan remembered the incident and expressed his admiration for Ewan as an actor while laughing heartily about it:

“I performed one of the best screen tests of my life for Moulin Rouge, which Ewan dislikes because it makes him feel uncomfortable.

I was not given the role. I did well in this audition. And it simply goes to show how much I appreciate Ewan’s creative output. Even so, I saw the film on opening day and really enjoyed it. I therefore moved on.

But I will say that when the audition is seen, people will have second thoughts.”

In their new Apple movie Raymond and Ray, in which they will portray estranged brothers, the two are clearly good friends now and can’t wait for people to see them together.