Apostle of Black Power

In the words of Charles MBlow, “Having Black people colonize a state — or several of them — and dominate those states’ politics seems to many Black people like a dream and to many white people like a nightmare. “However, I’m still convinced.”

I’ve advised Black folks to go south and stop the Great Migration. Is anyone with me?

For me, the goal was Black power and power overall. The idea was to capitalize on the sizable Black populations in Southern areas until you had the political clout to fundamentally alter those states.

In an ideal world, enough of a reverse migration would occur in some of these areas to make them majority Black, as several were in the years after the Civil War.

I’m a person. I also have doubts and concerns. I’m not sure if I’m a Black power Don Quixote or an apostle of it. However, I continue to be convinced of the hypothesis I have put forward. More individuals than I can recall and I have spoken.

Many Black people I’ve spoken to expressed their desire to slow down, improve their quality of life, and simply relax and let go of the tension in their shoulders.

They were simply tired of the problems life in Northern and Western cities presented them with.