How does the cut work at The Masters?

How Does The Cut Work At The Masters?

In every way, even the cut, the Masters is a different type of golf tournament. At Augusta, how does the cut work?

Most golf fans are familiar with the cut line in every full-field event on the PGA Tour. In a standard tournament, the top 65 players and ties after 36 holes advance to the weekend to compete for the trophy. The Masters, on the other hand, offer something unique.

The trip to Augusta isn’t a full-field event, despite being arguably the most prestigious tournament in the world. It is, in fact, exceedingly limited. Only 91 players competed among the azaleas for the 2022 event.

Even while most limited-field tournaments do not have a cut, Augusta National Golf Club does. But, with only 91 players (or near that number in any given year) on the schedule, how does the Masters cut work?

Cutline for the Masters: How many players will make the cut at Augusta?

It’s actually fairly straightforward. With such a small field, Augusta will have to adhere to an even stricter cut line.

Only the top 50 players and ties after 36 holes will make the cut at The Masters, a line that was set when the event was held in November 2020, after the April classic was postponed due to COVID-19.

Prior to that, the cut was made based on the top 50 players and ties, as well as any golfer within 10 strokes of the leader.

The latter amendment was repealed in 2020 but is still in effect. Going back even further, the top 44 players and ties, as well as anyone within 10 strokes of the leader, have been the rule for more than four decades.

All of this is to imply that the current Masters cut line of top 50 and ties is the most significant departure from the tournament’s long-standing norm. It does, however, give Augusta a new dimension, enhancing the tournament’s uniqueness.