After revealing that her unborn child has a genetic disorder, Keke Wyatt…

(video) Keke Wyatt Responds To Backlash After Sharing Her Unborn Child Was Diagnosed With A Genetic Disorder

After revealing that her unborn child has a genetic disorder, Keke Wyatt has received backlash

Keke Wyatt recently announced that she is expecting her 11th child. During her celebration, she received tragic news, which she shared publicly, resulting in outrage. She took a moment on Thursday to respond to the nasty comments.

According to Medline Plus, Wyatt disclosed with her audience at a recent concert that her pregnant child was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality, Trisomy 13, which is a hereditary ailment that causes your baby to have a “extra 13th chromosome.” “Several intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities in numerous sections of the body” are linked to this disorder.

“I’d like to send a special prayer out for the harsh, heartless folks that took time out of their day to come on social media & post derogatory & morbid comments concerning my pregnancy,” Wyatt captioned the video.

I was very open about the status of my pregnancy with my fantastic fans (who I consider family) at my gig this last weekend. I told them that the day following my prenatal photo shoot, my husband and I received word from the doctor that our baby had tested positive for Trisomy 13.”

“It was an unplanned moment during my presentation,” she said, “but at the end of the day, I felt in my spirit to share or support another woman who might be facing this battle.”

For all of the vile people who are wishing ill will on me and my child. Whatever you want to say about me, I’m used to it… In any case, no weapon designed against me will succeed. But what about a helpless unborn child? “Be careful what you say to others.”

“I pray that God gives you grace when Life knocks on your door and you won’t reap what you’re sowing,” Wyatt concluded. THANK YOU for all of the POSITIVE stories, letters, and support I’ve received!

I’m not going to let negativity sap all of my wonderful energy…. I work hard, and my husband and I care for all of our children with no help from anyone but God. We will continue to trust the Lord’s report! #GodsWillBeDone”

Fans and commenters showed a tremendous amount of love and support. “She stood there flat-footed and pregnant,” one witness remarked. That song was a shambles… and made the opponent tell a whole untruth… #HalleujahAnyhow”

“How can people perceive a problem with her revealing information about HER baby, like what?” someone person wondered.