The NHL has issued a statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Nhl Has Issued A Statement Regarding Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the NHL issued a statement calling for a peaceful resolution.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the NHL has made a statement.

This comes one week after the war erupted following Vladimir Putin’s speech in which he recognized separate areas in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region. Three days later, Ukraine was invaded.

The world, and now the NHL, has numerous ties to Russia, with some players hailing from the country, including Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin, who expressed anti-war stance in an interview, saying, “I hope it ends soon.”

The NHL has now released a statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

NHL statement on Ukraine invasion by Russia

The National Hockey League strongly opposes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and calls for a swift and peaceful resolution. We are suspending our agreements with our Russian commercial partners and stopping our Russian-language social and digital media platforms, effective immediately. In addition, we are no longer considering Russia as a potential destination for any future NHL competitions.

We are also concerned about the well-being of Russian players who compete in the NHL on behalf of their NHL clubs rather than Russia. We understand that they and their families are in a really difficult situation.

The United States and the rest of the world have shown overwhelming support for Ukraine. This is the most recent gesture of support and solidarity with Ukraine following the Russian forces’ invasion.