On Tom Brady’s ‘last’ touchdown ball, an NFL fan gets his money back

A customer who paid a high price for a game ball that was meant to be Tom Brady’s final touchdown pass can now exhale with ease.

Tom Brady’s final touchdown pass to Mike Evans was supposed to be his final touchdown pass because NFL insider Adam Schefter announced Brady’s retirement shortly after the season finished.

Reports from Brady’s camp said that they didn’t agree with Schefter’s tweet. Brady announced that he was retiring from football on February 1.

His retirement would be short-lived, as he would return to work on March 13th. But that was before a bidder paid $518,00 for Brady’s alleged final touchdown ball in an auction.

The buyer can now relax because Leland Auction has confirmed that they will receive their money back. According to Bleacher Report, the buyer’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, told the Action Network that the sale was void because Brady had unretired.

According to ESPN, Mike Heffner, president and partner at Lelands Auction, claimed that voiding the transaction was the proper decision.

“We wanted to do the right thing,” Mike Heffner told ESPN. “It’s the most unique situation that we’ll probably ever encounter in our lifetimes — at least when it comes to sports memorabilia. We’re still not to the end of the book yet; we’ve written a chapter.”

Tom Brady’s touchdown ball continues to attract buyers

Despite Brady’s 40-day retirement, Heffner told ESPN that potential buyers are still contacting him to purchase the football.

“It’s still an incredible piece of history,” Heffner said. “Any Brady touchdown ball is.

Brady will return to the field next season to make more history, as Heffner predicts.

Following that, Tom Brady has a humorous suggestion for Elon Musk to purchase Twitter.