Cisco and Amazon Against Counterfeiting — Joining Forces to Fight…


Cisco and Amazon Against Counterfeiting — Joining Forces to Fight the Good Fight

Small businesses all across the world are looking for easier, faster, and less expensive ways to purchase technology. In our previous article, we discussed the benefits and hazards of new routes to market, with a special focus on the convenience of shopping online.

There is a risk of obtaining low-quality or even counterfeit goods as a result of this. Cisco Brand Protection has launched a focused, global effort to identify and remove counterfeit websites and deceptive advertisements.

Cisco’s Global Brand Protection team is made up of a fantastic team of investigators and engineers who constantly monitor the marketplace for counterfeit product vendors and take action to stop them.

The sale of counterfeit or inauthentic products is prohibited by Amazon’s anti-counterfeit policy. Amazon has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and employs over 10,000 people to ensure that customers only buy safe, genuine, and legitimate products. Despite the fact that 99.99 per cent of goods sold on Amazon do not result in a valid counterfeit complaint, Amazon isn’t content until that number reaches 100 per cent, and has collaborated with Cisco to achieve that goal.

Cisco collaborates closely with Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU) to help law enforcement and the courts hold counterfeiters accountable. Former federal prosecutors, seasoned detectives, and data analysts make up this worldwide team, which pursues targets all over the world.

To safeguard your security, we recommend purchasing Cisco products through our authorized Amazon Cisco US & UK stores. Keep a lookout on our pages for the infographic below.



Cisco is a large firm that cares about small businesses, and we will always work together with our partners to educate you and your peers, as well as mitigate risk, so you can be certain that you are #BuyingRight with Cisco.

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