Miss Universe 2021 opens up about her condition, which has caused her to gain weight.

Miss Universe 2021 Discusses The Illness That Drives Her To Gain Weight

Miss Universe 2021 opens up about her condition, which has caused her to gain weight

Model Harnaaz Sandhu has said that she is gaining weight as a result of her health issues.

Miss Universe 2021, Hernaaz Sandhu, has been chastised for gaining weight and has revealed that she is suffering from a health problem. As a result, she is unable to meet the size requirements for beauty pageants.

Sandhu, the third Indian woman to get this accolade, spoke about her illness, which is caused by a persistent autoimmune disease that is wreaking havoc on her small intestine.

I’m one of those individuals who criticizes them for being too skinny, and now they’re telling me you’re obese; I can’t eat wheat flour or other gluten-free foods because I have celiac disease.

As a result, the condition causes the digestive system to break down, which stops the body from getting all of the nutrients it needs.

Miss Universe has said that any nasty comments or bullying in this area will not be allowed.

We were founded as a society to protect, support, and develop one another. Hatred has no place in this world. Put an end to the bullying.

Alicia Machado of Venezuela speaks out against people who have cast the current Miss Universe in a negative light. She, in turn, justified her weight gain, which is reflected in her attendance at public events.

Thank heavens this lovely queen, and the brave girl, doesn’t have Mr. Pig’s boss, wrote she, who was Miss Universe in 1996. Bullying is now a crime in the year 2022; it is a new period of compassion and love for others! Hail, lovely Queen!

Machado, on the other hand, had no idea what ailment Sandhu was suffering from at the time of her statement. Countless harsh remarks regarding the queen’s body have been left on numerous social media sites by her fans.