Plans for the Red Sox trade deadline are now, at best, hazy

It’s time for the Red Sox to take a good hard look in the mirror after four straight losses to the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Boston Red Sox’s season was deemed to be effectively gone in May a few months ago, and they were labeled as possible trade deadline sellers. That was the situation before ceasing to be.

In order to reduce their wild card disadvantage and eventually get into playoff position, Boston went on a spectacular early-season run.

Even while it feels different after four defeats by the Rays, that remains the case. As of this writing, the Sox and Blue Jays are tied for the final wild card slot, only one game apart. The sky is not currently falling.

A crucial series against the division-leading Yankees, however, is approaching. What should Chaim Bloom’s future plan be going into the All-Star Break? Can this team actually make a deep run in its current form?

The Red Sox might actually sell at the trade deadline

Simply because Boston would maintain strong Wild Card standing even with a weekend series defeat in New York, this seems like a fairly clear no.

Bloom, though, needs to take the future into account. Both Xander Bogaerts and JD Martinez will be free agents after this campaign. The Red Sox’s future is far from certain.

Unless they have another rapid recovery by the beginning of August, Boston will likely adopt a cautious deadline strategy. Why does that matter? Consider a little amount of strategic buying, as well as perhaps some unsettling selling to a fan base that is always ready to win.

Rafael Devers cannot be traded, and Bogaerts is also unlikely to be dealt. Martinez, on the other hand, has a costly, expiring deal and will turn 35 in late August.

Even while some fans prefer to criticize Bloom, he actually knows what he’s doing, especially when he’s working with a tight budget. Ironically, the Sox’s willingness to spend money to win this season may remind him of his time in Tampa Bay as we approach the trade deadline.