Could Packers trade for star AFC wide receiver?

Could Packers Trade For Star Afc Wide Receiver?

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are in need of a No. 1 wide receiver after dealing with Davante Adams. Is it possible that a deal for an AFC star is on the cards?

The Green Bay Packers’ need for a wide receiver is perhaps the worst-kept secret in the NFL as the draft approaches. There has been a lot of speculation that the Packers will finally utilize a first-round pick on a pass-catcher to help Aaron Rodgers, as well as talk about other possible moves, like a trade for DK Metcalf.

But what if there was a hidden dark horse trade possibility that Green Bay might make a play for?

Good Morning Football presenter Peter Schrager has remarked numerous times on the show that he would want to see current Chargers wideout Keenan Allen join the Packers, according to Peter Bukowski of the Locked On Packers podcast. The Chargers just paid Mike Williams a lot of money, and if they trade Allen after June 1, they may save $16.5 million, according to Bukowski.

.@PSchrags mentioned Keenan Allen multiple times on @gmfb as a player he’d like to see in Green Bay.

Chargers just gave Mike Williams the bag and Allen is already making 20M APY at 29 years old.

A post-June 1 trade would save LAC 16.5M per Over The Cap. 🧐🧐

— Peter Bukowski (@Peter_Bukowski) March 18, 2022

Is it possible for Green Bay to make a trade for Keenan Allen?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to emphasize that this is all simply a hypothetical discussion at this moment. Even though there aren’t any current rumors about a trade, it’s almost impossible to dismiss the idea.

Allen’s addition to the Green Bay offense would be intriguing. While most people would rank him behind Davante Adams in terms of star power, the 29-year-old is in many ways identical to the receiver who now calls Las Vegas home. They aren’t very fast or strong, but they have had a lot of success because of their technical skills and route-running.

Would the Chargers be willing to part with Allen? That is, without a doubt, the most important piece of the puzzle in making this deal even viable.

However, after paying Williams this offseason and approaching the point where they’ll need to back up the Brinks truck for Justin Herbert as he enters his third season, LA may start looking for extra salary cap room. That would be provided by trading Allen.

Again, this is all speculation at the moment. However, with someone like Schrager saying it several times and the notion that the move may benefit both parties, it’s something worth keeping in mind as the offseason progresses.