The rumors about the agent’s cryptic tweet do not bode well for the Guardians

Jose Ramirez Rumors: Cryptic Tweet From Agent Doesn’t Bode Well For Guardians

If a recent tweet from Jose Ramirez’s agent has anything to do with contract negotiations, Cleveland Guardians fans may have reason to be concerned.

According to reports out of Cleveland this week, the Guardians are reportedly working on a contract extension for star third baseman Jose Ramirez.

Most Cleveland fans liked the notion of the team paying a large sum of money to keep Ramirez, but wanting to get a trade done and actually having it done are two different things.

A simple “LOL” was all it needed to send Guardians fans into a frenzy.

Rafa Nieves, Ramirez’s agent, tweeted the three letters on Thursday without any other context.

Is it certain that LOL had anything to do with Ramirez’s contract negotiations with Cleveland? Certainly not.

The majority of Nieves’ recent tweets, though, have been about Ramirez. He addressed a story that the Guardians and Ramirez were in the midst of negotiations in Goodyear before the LOL.

“I’m in LA, but I’m fine,” Nieves added.

As a result, there’s a good chance the LOL had something to do with Ramirez. Given Cleveland’s history, it wouldn’t be unexpected if negotiations were not going well.

According to reports, the Guardians want to finalize a contract before Opening Day, which is less than a week away. Time is running out. Laughter does not appear to be a good sign coming from Ramirez’s camp.