To tell you about her morning ritual, Jennifer Lopez takes off her makeup…

To Share Her Morning Routine Jennifer Lopez Removes Makeup Without ‘special Filters

To tell you about her morning ritual, Jennifer Lopez takes off her makeup without using any “special filters”

Jennifer Lopez, at the age of 52, is a force to be reckoned with! The superstar gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her cosmetics and skincare routine on Instagram.

Jennifer Lopez demonstrates how she achieves her distinctive shine! In a new Instagram video posted on Wednesday, April 6, the 52-year-old shared her skincare routine with her devoted admirers and stated that she does not use Instagram filters. It’s just early light; I don’t have any extra lighting or anything.

I’m not using any special filters here; this is my face. ” She said that as he got out of the shower, her prominent hair was still damp.

Hello everyone, it’s a lovely day outside. It’s great; I just came out of the shower and washed my face with my cleanser, “she clarified.

Many products from her JLO cosmetics line were used by the singer and actress. She launched her JLO beauty line at a beauty show in January 2021.

The brand’s “Holy Grail” product is JLO Beauty Glue Serum, which retails for $79 and is based on antioxidant-rich olive oil. After the washing, she remarked, “So, you see, there’s no makeup yet.”

Jennifer has previously stated that she likes the morning cleaning of her makeup from the night before. The “Medicine” singer described the serum as “vitamins for the face — I like to think about it” after applying it. In the morning, I take my vitamins. I made a good start to my day.

The next step is to apply sunscreen for protection. “Sunscreen is vital, and it’s been one of my beauty conundrums since I was in my late teens,” she remarked.

Your mother put it on you as a child to protect your skin from the sun, and I wore it until I was in puberty, and it was a game-changer — protection from the sun every day.

When I was growing up in New York, there was no sun, which made a tremendous difference in terms of shielding me from UV damage.

Jennifer turned down Botox to prevent wrinkles, owing to her healthy lifestyle, which included a tight skincare routine, exercise, and a balanced diet. She mentioned her sunscreen before applying a dab of eye cream.

“It’s my morning routine,” she explained, pointing to one of her twins, Emme or Max, both 14 years old, who were “knocking” on her door. They’ve already started hammering on my door and pestering me. I don’t believe I’m prepared or acting in any way, yet I am. She cracked a joke.