Following a press conference, President Biden lashes out at reporter Peter…

President Biden Goes Off On Reporter Peter Doocy Following A Press Conference

Following a press conference, President Biden lashes out at reporter Peter Doocy.

Chile! Don’t be fooled by President Joe Biden’s position as the country’s leader. He isn’t the right person! Following a press conference, he chose violence, and things became heated! “Do you think inflation is a political disadvantage in the midterms?” Fox News Whitehouse Correspondent Peter Doocy asked.

With his response, President Biden showed no mercy to Peter, and many people were taken aback! President Biden said in a hushed voice over his live microphone, “That’s a terrific asset – higher inflation.”

He said, “What a foolish son of a bi**h.” President Biden was most likely unaware that his microphone was still warm. The hashtag “Doocy” immediately became a trending topic on Twitter as many individuals discussed the interaction.

“My favorite moment of 2022 thus far,” one individual tweeted. @POTUS reacting appropriately to Fox News’ Peter Doocy.” “Peter Doocy’s question to Biden was basically if he thinks terrible things are bad for him, therefore sure, that was dumb,” one Twitter user wrote.

While Peter remains a hot issue, he took the opportunity to respond to President Biden’s Fox News comments. “So I shouted…,” he explained, giving a recap of what happened. ‘How about inflation, then?’ Do you believe that inflation will be a political liability in the midterm elections?’ Peter remarked.

“I couldn’t hear him because everyone was screaming for us to get out.” But a few minutes later, someone approached me in the briefing room and asked, “Did you hear what the president said?”

“And I answered, ‘No, what?'” he continued. ‘He called you a foolish SOB,’ they said. And when I asked if he said ‘SOB,’ the person said, ‘No.'” Peter and his coworkers joked about the incident, and he didn’t appear bothered by Biden’s remarks. Do you think President Biden was mistaken?

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