Kodak Black claims he stole a snack and a beauty tool in order to put his…

Kodak Black Says He Stole A Snack And Beauty Tool To Test His Thieving Skills

Kodak Black claims he stole a snack and a beauty tool in order to put his thievery skills to the test.

Kodak Black is keeping a close eye on his surroundings to ensure he doesn’t lose his touch. He’s not talking about music or relationships, either.

Instead, the Florida artist recently used two distinct occasions to see if his sticky fingers could still work. The personal challenge began with a snack and has so far culminated in the use of a beauty item.

Kodak posted a photo of himself clutching a pickled sausage, “Stole This Bih Out Da Gas Station.” “I had to double-check to see if I still had it.”

He got the Tijuana Mama meat snack from a gas station, according to reports. Only a few days later, the rapper put his thievery abilities to the test once more.

“SMH! On his Instagram Story, Kodak commented, “I did turn into a thief touches hehe.” “N***a just took a back scratcher from the store.” I guess I still have it. Keep up the good work, and I’ll start boosting my outfits next.”

Kodak’s pal is shown using the red-and-black scratcher in a video he posted to Instagram. “And it works, it works,” Kodak says to his friend who is using the small instrument.

It’s unclear why Kodak is reportedly committing trivial crimes like the ones listed at this time. He did say, however, that he wanted to see if he still had to steal abilities, so that could be the main reason.

While some admirers found his antics amusing, others chastised him for squandering his second chance. Former President Donald Trump pardoned Kodak during his final days in office, as previously reported.

At the time, Kodak remarked, “I want to thank President Donald Trump for his commitment to justice reform and for lowering my sentence.” “I’d also like to express my gratitude for everyone’s love and support.” It matters a lot more than you’ll ever realize. I’d like to keep giving back, learning, and evolving.”

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