Kanye West calls out D.L. Hughley and asks Kim Kardashian to stop antagonizing…

Kanye West Asks For Kim Kardashian To Stop Antagonizing Him With Tiktok Posts & He Also Calls Out D.l. Hughley

Kanye West calls out D.L. Hughley and asks Kim Kardashian to stop antagonizing him with TikTok posts.

Kanye West needed to get a lot off his chest on Sunday! Kanye West is seen begging Kim Kardashian to stop “antagonizing” him by allowing their 8-year-old daughter, North, to post videos on TikTok in a series of deleted posts.

It’s not the first time Ye has expressed dissatisfaction with North’s presence on the platform. You may recall that he asked what to do about North being on TikTok without his will in February. Well, he’s at it again, this time with TikTok Kim and North, who were shot with Kourtney Kardashian’s kid, Penelope Disick.

“I just got off the phone with Kim,” says the narrator. “Stop antagonizing me with this TikTok stuff,” I told her. In an Instagram video that has since been deleted, Ye said. “I know you don’t value fathers or the concept of family, but the media is attempting to promote something.” I stated that I will not allow TikTok or Disney to use my daughter. “I have a say in the matter.”

Then Ye goes after comedian D.L. Hughley. “And DL Hughley is a pawn,” Kanye writes in the description of his first post. I know a king shouldn’t address a pawn, but I address everything and find addresses DL. So don’t say anything about me or my kids because I can afford to hurt you.”

Kanye then followed up with a video showing Hughley passing out onstage in 2020 while suffering from COVID-19.

“We’re not going to let practicing drug addicts be used by leftists to Willie Lynch our Future Black people with our own opinions aren’t allowed to speak in public,” Kanye said in the post. “DL, I am the glitch.”

God doesn’t like you, and you don’t have any favor with him. Your family despises you, and I wouldn’t want to be linked to someone who used to be renowned. Now you’re just known as a broke pawn, albeit Oprah apparently made billions. Come on, leftists, you have to be better than DL. “This ye bring the real smoke baby,” says the narrator.

This follows D.L.’s interview with VladTV, in which he discussed Kanye’s recent actions toward Kim. Hughley stated, “He’s stalking her.” “It’s okay if you think it’s cute.” If it were my daughter, I would intervene. I don’t find it amusing… Stop doing the s**t that made her go if you want your family back.”

Kanye has since received a series of tweets from D.L.