Following the COVID-19 diagnosis, Queen Elizabeth II held a virtual meeting with…

Queen Elizabeth Ii Held Virtual Meeting With Prime Minister Following Covid-19 Diagnosis

Following the COVID-19 diagnosis, Queen Elizabeth II held a virtual meeting with Prime Minister.

According to CNN, despite experiencing mild symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19, Queen Elizabeth II met with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday, according to a Buckingham Palace official.

If you recall, we reported that she had been infected with the virus over the weekend. According to reports, Prime Minister Johnson was intended to meet with the Queen in person, but due to current government procedures, the meeting was held remotely.

According to reports, a source close to the Palace also stated that the Queen’s forthcoming engagements will be decided soon. The fatal virus has infected more than only the monarch. Prince Charles, her eldest son and the heir to the British throne got the illness for the second time on February 10. He was unable to see his mother throughout this time. Camilla, his wife, tested positive a few days after he was diagnosed.

A royal insider informed CNN on Sunday that the Windsor Castle squad had just been diagnosed with a number of instances. The health of the 95-year-old monarch became a heated subject after it was rumored that she had died. On Tuesday, Jason Lee faced a barrage of criticism after stating that his informant told him the monarch had died. Since then, Instagram has flagged the post as containing misleading information.

“I would never post something like this if the person who told me was someone I didn’t trust,” Jason stated in an interview with BuzzFeed on Wednesday. People are wondering why we didn’t wait for the royal family or the Palace to issue a statement before posting. Why? We break stories because we are storytellers. And I’ve debunked a slew of true-to-life stories. We’ve never made a mistake.”

The royal family has remained silent on the erroneous claim as well as the Queen’s health. The Queen has been immunized, but there are no additional details about her health.