“Never Say Never,” Keke Wyatt says of the possibility of expanding her family after…

Keke Wyatt Opens Up About Possibly Expanding Her Family Following Her Eleventh Child: “never Say Never”

“Never Say Never,” Keke Wyatt says of the possibility of expanding her family after her eleventh child.

When it comes to family, R&B superstar Keke Wyatt doesn’t mess around when it comes to her kids! Keke announced her pregnancy with her eleventh child, the second with her husband, Zackariah Darring, last weekend.

Keke’s name was trending on the internet after the news broke, and everyone, even Chad Ochocinco, had something to say about it! If you recall, Zackariah wore a blouse declaring that this would be their final child in the pregnancy announcement. Keke, on the other hand, does not appear to be on the same page.

Keke discussed the potential of having more children in a recent interview with Us Weekly. “Well, my hunnie can wear a [‘Last One’] shirt all he wants,” Keke explained, “but I’ve learned never to say never.” “So we’ll see,” she added. OK!” Despite the fact that Keke has the last say, Us Weekly reports that Keke’s children have mixed feelings about the imminent arrival.

“My kids are extremely real,” Keke explained. They are enthusiastic in general. My children assist me in a variety of ways. Don’t get it mixed up. They are lazy, just like kids, on some days, and I have to get on their case. But aside from that, they’re fantastic.”

Ke’Riah, the singer’s 2-year-old son, is her husband’s. Her children with ex-husband Rahmat Morton are Keyver, 21, Rahjah, 19, and Ke’Tarah, 13. Finally, her ex-husband Michael Ford fathered Ke’Mar, 11, Wyatt, 9, Ke-Yoshi, 6, and Kendall, 4.

The reality star expressed her joy and astonishment over her new baby but added that she was not attempting to conceive. Keke isn’t revealing the gender of the baby just yet, and she’s keeping her top baby name options a secret.

“I am very hands-on with all of my children,” Keke said as the conversation came to a close. I’m most at ease when I’m with my family. I’ve tried everything from nannies to babysitters. It wasn’t really my cup of tea.” What are your thoughts on Keke possibly increasing her family, Roomies?