Hazel E Appears To Make A Comparison Between Her 2018 Outfit And Kim…

Hazel E Seemingly Compares Her 2018 Outfit To Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga Caution Tape Look

Hazel E Appears To Make A Comparison Between Her 2018 Outfit And Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga Caution Tape Look.

People should focus their energies on supporting Black designers, according to Hazel E. However, due to the inspiration behind her call to action, it has gotten mixed reviews.

Kim Kardashian arrived at the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday wrapped in genuine caution tape, with the word “Balenciaga” replacing the word “caution.”

Hazel and designer Odain Watson both uploaded footage from 2018 of a similar look Hazel wore after the look went viral.

First, Hazel released a video of Kim wearing the caution tape outfit while strolling through a location. Hazel added the praise “she ate” to her repost.

She uploaded a clip from her 2018 music video “What Are You Talkin Bout” a few hours later. Hazel is shown in the excerpt wearing long, loose slacks with caution tape motifs that wrap around the entire leg.

She also donned a jacket with the same patterns as her leggings. Following that, a post from Odin’s clothing line Odaingerous appeared to draw attention to the similarities between the two ensembles.

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” says the narrator. Odaingerous’ account wrote to Instagram Story, “We accomplished it first @hazele.” “Congratulations on your new collection, @Balenciaga,” Kim Kardashian tweeted.

Hazel E not only retweeted Odaingerous’ comment, but she also shared a video of the video prep and shot on her Instagram account. She appeared to take aim at Balenciaga’s designers and Kim’s fit at this point.

He said, “TB to 2018, when @odaingerous drenched me in the [warning tape emoticon] tape for the #WRUTB video shoot.” “Support your Black designers; their ideas might serve as inspiration for high-end fashion houses.”

Meanwhile, Devon Waller, Hazel’s husband, was cheering her on in the comments section. He told her she beat Soulja Boy to the first of something beneath her post.

Devon wrote, “You were the first RAPPER TO DO IT BAE.”