Nicki Minaj tells a story about her toddler son checking their driver’s license

Nicki Minaj Shares Story About Her Toddler Son Seemingly Checking Their Driver

Kids are going to be kids! When engaging with small children, whether they belong to you, someone you know, or complete strangers, there is a phrase we must remember.

However, one of the best things about children’s sincerity is that they will always tell you a tale. Nicki Minaj recently shared her own parenthood story on Twitter, detailing a day when Papa Bear practically checked their driver!

Papa Bear was reportedly giving the family’s driver “do we have a problem feelings” on Wednesday night.

“Last night, as we were driving home, Papa Bear slowly twisted himself over in his car seat, leaned across the driver seat, and gently jabbed the driver in the head with his finger,” Nicki said on Twitter. “He then turned around and sat back as if nothing had happened.” [head explosion emoji]” said my face.

Nicki’s comments were inundated with follow-up inquiries from enthralled followers. “…what did the driver say,” a user named @eddieboy87 asked Nicki, before adding, “idk why this is funny af.”

“I began yelling PAPA NO!!!! POP!!! exclaimed his father. Nicki wrote, “The driver just grinned.” “When I tell you we were on the floor when we arrived in the house, boyyyy Why would he do that, I asked? “It’s because the man looked like the man in Despicable Me, and a youngster did it in the movie,” Zoo explained.

The Minions Arrive

The verified Minions Twitter account had responded to one of Nicki’s tweets by Friday. They shared a GIF of Gru looking astonished. Fans and admirers of Nicki Minaj jumped at the chance to volunteer Papa Bear for a role in the upcoming film “Minions: The Rise of Gru.”

“Now, this would be a perfect opportunity to bring Papa Bear into the movie,” one user with the handle @StanRealMusic said. It’s possible he’s one of the Minions, and this is his first appearance!”