According to court documents, Royce Reed’s underage son allegedly engaged…

Court Docs Reveal That Royce Reed’s Underage Son Allegedly Engaged In Inappropriate Conduct With A Minor; Claims Led To Her Child Neglect Charge

According to court documents, Royce Reed’s underage son allegedly engaged in inappropriate conduct with a minor, which led to her being charged with child neglect.

Royce Reed, the former star of ‘Basketball Wives,’ turned herself into Florida police earlier today on a third-degree felony allegation of child neglect.

According to newly published court documents, her underage son’s alleged inappropriate activity with a youngster resulted in Royce being charged with felony child neglect.

According to court filings, Royce Reed’s young son has a history of inappropriate sexual conduct with kids, which culminated last year when he reportedly forced Royce’s boyfriend’s younger son to perform a sexual act while the two boys were at Royce’s house.

Investigators confirmed in the documents that during their discussion with him about the incident, he indicated that he “made [little child’s name withheld] masturbate me because I was upset at him,” and that it occurred twice. Royce’s son also stated in the interview that “rage pushes him to act out sexually.”

Authorities forbade him from having any contact with youngsters two years or younger than him, and Royce’s boyfriend’s son comes under those limits. Despite his being told not to, her son and the minor child had been together several times in the previous year.

Royce informed detectives that he had been attending a sexual therapy counselor at TrueCore Behavioral Solutions for the past eight months in reaction to his son’s inappropriate behavior.

However, once her son informed the counselor about the incident, DCF was notified. On March 10th, Royce Reed was charged with third-degree criminal child neglect as a result of this incident.

Royce has only responded to the ongoing probe on social media, stating that she is unable to comment further on the details and that all inquiries should be sent to her attorney.