After attempting to spend the night inside Target, a YouTube couple was charged…

Youtube Couple Hit With Trespassing Charge And Facing Prison Time After Attempting To Spend The Night Inside Target

After attempting to spend the night inside Target, a YouTube couple was charged with trespassing and faces prison time.

We understand that the lure of Target is all too real for #Roommates, but one pair went too far in their quest for material for their YouTube channel.

According to reports, a Philadelphia couple with a prominent YouTube channel was detained for trespassing inside a Pennsylvania Target after attempting to spend the night inside and document the experience for their fans.

According to @FOX29Philly, Johnson Larose, 25, and Charlotte Fischer, 24, were arrested on February 21st and charged with trespassing after they were discovered filming video for their YouTube channel inside a local Target after hours.

Authorities discovered the duo inside at 3 a.m. when the alarm system went off, and they were known on YouTube as ‘Saucy’ and ‘Honey.’

When police came on the scene and searched the Target, they found no one, but Larose and Fischer returned five hours later at 8 a.m., causing police to discover video film of them inside the shop after work hours.

Despite the fact that they didn’t take anything from Target, Larose and Fischer were charged with trespassing and might face up to seven years in prison for their misbehavior.

Detective Scott Pezick said the couple indicated their intention for spending the night inside the shop was to accomplish the “24-Hour Overnight Challenge In Target” and broadcast it to their 17,700 followers on YouTube.

They also built a fort to hide behind so they wouldn’t be seen, and then wandered about aimlessly throughout the store for hours, according to CCTV video.

Larose and Fischer were charged with third-degree criminal trespassing and conspiracy and were released on unsecured bail of $25,000 each. They are prohibited from entering any Target stores in Pennsylvania as part of their bail terms. The date of their next court appearance has been set for March 24th.

“I mean, no regrets just living life and having fun,” Fischer told local reporters of their arrest. “It’s sort of sad that all of this came out of it, we were anticipating a fine nothing insane.”