Apple’s iOS 15.4 update adds new emojis, allows you to unlock your phone…

New Apple Ios 15.4 Update Allows You To Unlock Your Phone While Wearing A Mask, Introduces New Emojis & More

Apple’s iOS 15.4 update adds new emojis, allows you to unlock your phone while wearing a mask, and more.

As we enter our second year of living with COVID-19, Apple has finally figured out a solution for users to preserve the security function of Face ID without jeopardizing their health.

Apple just released iOS 15.4, and the most talked-about feature is the ability to unlock phones while wearing a mask.

If you’ve been struggling to unlock your phone while wearing a mask throughout the pandemic, Apple has a long-awaited answer for you.

According to @CNBC, the much-anticipated iOS 15.4 system update is now available, with the headline feature of effortlessly unlocking your phone even if much of your face is hidden. Install iOS 15.4, open your Settings tab, tap Face ID & Passcode, turn on the “Face ID with a Mask option,” and lastly scan your face to activate the new Face ID upgrade. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to wear a mask to set up the new feature while scanning your face.

A new “Tap to Pay” feature allows iPhone users to accept contactless payments, anti-stalking capabilities for AirTag trackers, and a new gender-neutral Siri voice option that can now be asked time and date inquiries when offline are all included in the newest Apple system update.

SharePlay integration has been improved, allowing users to exchange music and other content via FaceTime, as well as Universal Control, which allows users to drag and drop files across MacBooks and iPads.

Last but not least, iOS 15.4 includes 37 new Apple emoticons that are guaranteed to thrill consumers eager to check them out in everyday text interactions. Pregnant guys, biting bottom lip, saluting, snapping fingers, looking through hands, melting, and more are among the new emojis.

iOS 15.4 is available for all iOS 15-compatible devices, which means any iPhone 6S or later is completely functional.