Nicolas Cage is baffled as to why he is frequently turned into memes

Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Fully Understand’ Why He Is Often Made Into Memes

Nicolas Cage says he doesn’t “really grasp” why he’s been turned into a meme.

The star of “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” can’t seem to grasp the “fascination” with his “face or facial expressions” that makes it such amazing viral material.

In an interview for the April issue of GQ magazine, for which he is the cover star, shot by Jason Nocito, “I still don’t really grasp what the fascination is with my face or the facial expressions that appear in these memes,” the 58-year-old actor stated. I’m thinking to myself, “Well, but why?” “What is it?” is a good example.

Cage, on the other hand, confesses that he is mostly comfortable with it, adding, “You can’t go against what is.”

One of his most expressive performances, which he almost didn’t take, is now a “favorite” of his credits, particularly for what it did for the Italian American community.

“Now that I think about it, it’s absolutely one of my favorite movies I’ve ever created,” he remarked. In addition, I enjoy the portrayal of Italian Americans as a caring family. “It’s not always about the gangster.”

Cage, who has two sons, Weston, 31, and Kal-El, 16, was left with financial issues after his father, August Coppola, died at 75 – who was the brother of ‘Godfather’ trilogy director Francis Ford Coppola – so the ‘National Treasure’ star was willing to do movies “back to back” to support himself and his ailing mother, Joy Vogelsang, who died last year at 85 –

Despite the fact that he has been chastized for prioritizing quality over quantity, he claims that he has always been concerned about the roles he plays.

Even when he was doing four movies a year, back to back to back, I had to find something in them to be able to give it my all, emphatically. They were all ineffective.

Some of them, like Mandy, were fantastic, while others didn’t work. But I never called to report it. So, if there was a misunderstanding, it was about that. That I was just going through the motions and didn’t give a damn. “I was concerned.”

Cage intends to be “very picky” about what he takes on once he is debt-free.

He stated, “I’m simply going to concentrate on being as selective as I possibly can.” I’d like to treat each film as though it were my last. “

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