Tasha K has been permanently barred from spreading “harmful and disgusting…

Cardi B Asks Federal Judge To Permanently Ban Tasha K From Continuing To Spread “harmful And Disgusting Lies” About Her Online

Tasha K has been permanently barred from spreading “harmful and disgusting lies” about Cardi B online, according to a federal judge.

Cardi B is seeking a federal judge to permanently block Tasha K from posting “harmful and vile lies” about her on her YouTube channel and social media sites, weeks after she was won a hefty $4 million defamation judgment against her.

According to @Billboard, in a fresh filing delivered to the judge yesterday, Cardi asked for a permanent injunction, which is a court order requiring Tasha to remove the defamatory assertions off the Internet and prohibit her from ever publishing them.

Cardi’s injunction motion reads, “Plaintiff filed this action because defendants refused to cease targeting her with hurtful and vile lies,” according to her counsel.

Damages alone are insufficient to address the continual threat of defendants repeating the defamatory statements [and] defendants have openly said that unless an injunction is given, they will continue to disseminate the defamatory claims.”

Tasha also stated in videos and throughout their defamation trial that she would not permanently erase videos regarding Cardi unless she was forced to do so by a judge, according to the court document.

Cardi’s lawyers also argued in the statement that Tasha did not have a fundamental right to “false and defamatory speech.”

They hope that if the injunction is granted, both the false comments made about Cardi during the case and all future speech about her will be illegal.

Tasha K alleges she is unable to pay Cardi B the $4 million she owes her, as previously reported.