Blueface Claims He Isn’t to Blame for Chrisean Rock Getting Another…

(video) Blueface Says He’s Not Responsible For Chrisean Rock Getting Another Tattoo Of His Name: “why Y’all Give A Crap So Much?”

Blueface Claims He Isn’t to Blame for Chrisean Rock Getting Another Name Tattoo: “Why Do Y’all Care So Much?”

The intriguing relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock is still relevant, at least to her. Chrisean is no longer Blueface’s artist, but she still adores him, so much so that she has his name tattooed on her body…again.

Chrisean added us to the group chat over the weekend and informed us that she had tatted Blueface’s government name, Johnathan, on her bikini line. “Johnathan’s P***y,” the tattoo reads. “I got it because it is what it is,” the 21-year-old captioned the photo of the tattoo.

Welp, Blueface also responded to Chrisean getting another tattoo of his name on Instagram. He was perplexed as to why he was being blamed for what she had done to her body.

“I’m just trying to figure out why motherf***as furious at me like I do tattoos or something,” he explained. It’s like if I’m scribbling on her or something.” “Aye!”

Blueface continued. She has matured. Let her do what she wants if that’s what she wants to do. Why do you all care so much? You’re concerned about what grown-ups do with their bodies. “What period are we living in, cuz?” the 25-year-old inquired. “Stay out of the affairs of grown-ups.”

Chrisean was arrested for possession of a prohibited narcotic in Oklahoma last month, as you may know. “For all you people saying, ‘you were f****ing her,'” Blueface remarked in response to the news of her imprisonment. ‘You told her you loved her,’ she says. When did it become acceptable to steal someone’s car and drive it across the country to give it to their mother?”

He also said she scribbled “I love Blue” and “Rock” in blood on a piece of paper. She’s used the photograph as her Instagram profile photo ever since.

Blueface’s name was first tattooed on Chrisean’s body in 2021. “They know why I got this sh*t…,” she captioned a photo of her new tattoo. “What if I wake up with a stomachache?” She followed it up with a tattoo of his name, which she debuted in August.