Activists in New York have filed a complaint with Amazon to prevent merchants…

New York Activists File Complaint To Stop Merchants On Amazon From Selling ‘white Privilege’ Cards

Activists in New York have filed a complaint with Amazon to prevent merchants from selling ‘White Privilege’ cards.

Because of the fast shipping and affordable pricing, many of us go to Amazon to buy various products as roommates.

Activists in New York, on the other hand, are criticizing the corporation for allowing retailers to sell what they term racist memorabilia.

Activists at the Crisis Action Center were angry on February 28th, according to News 12 BX, and asked that the company cease distributing “White Privilege Card–Trumps Everything” cards.

The membership cards, which resemble credit cards, show that membership is valid from birth to death.

The cards come in packs of five, ten, or fifteen cards and are marketed as gag gifts with five-star evaluations. The card is available for purchase from a number of shops.

“My husband likes whipping this card out EVERYWHERE he goes,” says one Amazon review from seller Brand QASW. And it’s a hit with everyone! People from all walks of life. Everyone wants to know how to get their hands on them. And this invariably sparks a discussion about the present administration’s attitude or viewpoint.”

“No one believes it,” the assessment continued. America is a country with a diverse population. And everyone we talk to when we show them this card says the same thing, along with a lot of chuckles! For a country that is supposed to be racist, it’s incredible. That is, we haven’t run into anyone yet.”

A complaint has also been filed with the New York City Commission on Human Rights by the activists. The cards offended Rev. Kevin McCall, who had a lot to say about them. “Amazon should not be selling such things.” They ought to be marketing African-American history.

They claim that if you purchase this card, you will receive exceptional benefits. In this country, no one has a unique status. “We’re all on the same level,” he stated.

Rev. McCall also declared that they would battle until the cards were no longer available for purchase. Amazon has not responded to the cards as of now.