“Nicki Not Doing A Song With Ya’ll Before Me,” Asian Doll adds to the Nicki Minaj…

Asian Doll Joins In On The Nicki Minaj Song Feature Conversation: “nicki Not Doing A Song With Ya’ll Before Me”

“Nicki Not Doing A Song With Ya’ll Before Me,” Asian Doll adds to the Nicki Minaj song feature conversation.

Nicki Minaj has been one of the hottest rappers in the game for years, and obtaining a feature from her has been and continues to be a desire for many up-and-coming rappers.

After Baby Tate voiced her view in response to a fan suggestion, a dispute erupted about who musicians Nicki chooses to cooperate with, and now Asian Doll has chimed in.

Last weekend, Baby Tate asked her followers who she should send her album to for a feature, as previously reported. One person suggested she give the record to Nicki Minaj, but she said she didn’t think she’d do it because she never heard back from her after reaching out to her.

She also mentioned seeing Nicki “interact with, follow, and love” singers she [Baby Tate] believes are incapable of rapping.

Erica Banks, a fellow rapper, said she understood Baby Tate’s point of view, but later clarified on Instagram that she loves Nicki after fans assumed she had unfollowed her. She also said that after putting a remark on Facebook regarding the matter, Nicki blocked her.

Fast forward to the present, and Asian Doll offers her perspective on the scenario.

She remarked on Twitter on Wednesday, “Y’all b****es can shut up.” Nicki isn’t singing a song with y’all before me, so there’s no way I’m getting in line.”

Asian Doll’s statement has elicited no response from Baby Tate or Erica Banks.

People are curious as to who Nicki will partner with next. She’s concentrating on the relaunch of Queen Radio, which will be available on Amazon’s new Amp platform.