Astros supporters delighted they let Carlos Correa walk, according to Jeremy…

Astros supporters delighted they let Carlos Correa walk, according to Jeremy Pea’s numbers

There was a reason why the Houston Astros let shortstop Carlos Correa walk — or possibly just didn’t offer him enough money. They had Jeremy Pea as a back-up plan.

Although it is still early in the season, the backup plan has proven to be effective thus far.

Pea has yet to make an appearance at Minute Maid Park, but he is already raking. He’s now had three three-hit games and is hitting.345/.375/.621 heading into Sunday’s game.

While Houston’s scouting department had to be confident in order to move on from Correa, it’s improbable that even they understood how good Pea would be at the start of the season.

Because this is Pea’s first extensive major-league experience, some of this could be attributable to a lack of data. The Astros’ young star will have to adjust as teams acquire this type of information. That will be the true test.

But, for the time being, Pea has shown a willingness to broaden his strike zone in order to get on base, or, to put it another way, hit them where they aren’t.

That’ll be the first and most important adjustment he’ll have to make in the big leagues, as his lack of the type of batter’s eye required to get on base via walks will eventually catch up with him.

Fans of the Houston Astros prefer Jeremy Pea to Carlos Correa

While the process is still in its early stages, Houston sports fans aren’t afraid to jump the gun and declare their love for Pea over Correa. Allowing the star shortstop to walk in favor of his younger counterpart also added to owner Jim Crane’s cash account, allowing him to spend more money on his team (fans hope).

It’s a win for Houston if Pea works out.

There were plenty more, as Correa’s new team, the Minnesota Twins, hadn’t gotten off to the same fast start.