Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Were Seen Wearing Gorgeous Summer…

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Were Seen Wearing Gorgeous Summer Clothing While On Their Honeymoon In Paris

It will never grow old for this couple to hold and kiss one another in front of strangers. What use is the media to newlyweds when they are happy to imagine their partner day and night?

Ben packed a professional camera just for a trip to the city of love, and on the first day of a romantic getaway, he hardly let go of it.

Affleck, 49, and the pop diva, 52, went for a stroll in the park, had lunch on the terrace of a trendy restaurant, and throughout this entire time, Affleck took pictures while persuading his wife to stand for him, which she ostensibly did with glee.

The image also shows J. Lo changing into a pair of white sandals that she may have just bought after finding her footwear to be uncomfortable for long walks around the city.

Jennifer stood out in a white Oscar de la Renta dress with a large floral design and a lovely asymmetrical hem.

J. Lo chose flat sandals and a coral crocodile leather Birkin as her accessories, something she rarely does because she favors high platforms to elongate her legs.

It has finally happened: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married, which scared everyone who believes in real love. It was written about in a previous piece.

On July 16, Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez were formally wed in the White Chapel in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.

The couple waited 20 years to realize their relationship was meant to be. Then, in 2021, a new stage in their relationship began.

In September of the same year, Jennifer and Ben made their red carpet marriage debut at the Venice Film Festival.

In the spring of 2022, Affleck asked his fiancée to marry him with a ring fashioned of a rare green diamond, and in June of this year, it was made public that they had bought a house together.